THE 12 ITEM WORKWEAR CAPSULE | time-saving Capsule Wardrobe, anti-anxiety jewellery, and power colours to improve your look and your outlook to climb that corporate ladder

Looking great at work matters because — to be blunt — it tells people how smart and capable you are, which has a direct effect on how much you get promoted and paid. Competence. Power. Intelligence. Character. Sociability. We are not merely listing the attributes any employer would want in a new hire or rising star. These are the precise qualities our clothes convey. So you see, looking polished and professional at work is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. One way to do it without depleting your pay cheque or emotional reservoir is to create a well-edited workwear capsule wardrobe. 

The clothes you are left with after you edit out all the noise will be the building blocks of your “brand.” As long as a piece flatters you and expresses your personality, you really don’t need to pay much attention to seasonality, since you can always always layer with basic undergarments or outerwear for warmth.

It is about having timeless pieces that you can mix and match and wear for all seasons and years to come. Also remember, you don't need to spend big to obtain the perfect capsule - however you should invest in quality pieces that you will be able to wear again and again. 

■ Low numbers: No matter what you like, you simply don’t need to be drowning in clothes. It really is a numbers game. The goal is to own no more than two of the same type of individual item. Bear in mind that a long-sleeve black t-shirt is different from a short-sleeve black t-shirt. But unless they are a cornerstone of your uniform, you probably don’t need multiples multiples of each.

■ Fulfill each category: The specific styles, cuts, fabrics, colors, and silhouettes you want to own depend on you: your body type, your professional dress code, your favorite icons, your preferences. It’s the categories that are universal. Everyone needs foundation elements (tops and bottoms), outerwear (sweaters, jackets, coats), special occasion clothes (dresses, skirts), and accessories (shoes, jewelry, belts, hats, etc.). Consider your lifestyle. Someone who works from home may not need a ball gown skirt. Someone who works with kids may not need a huge selection of sexy party dresses and may prefer to invest in jeans. I love straight-leg trousers. You may love palazzo pants or high-waist flares. My number one goal for you is to redefine what it means to have “enough.” To bring this idea to life, let’s open up the doors to my closet so you can see exactly what — and how little — I actually own. 



We always discuss building the ‘elements’ of your wardrobe - not only to get the most outfit options but to get the most bang for your buck. Suiting is the easy answer to your ‘work uniform’ as you can treat each peice as a seperate and mix and match. 

HOT TIP: A couple of designer pieces such as a belt, bag and sunglasses will vastly elevate your looks.

CLOTHING CHECKLIST 1. Black suit, 2. Basics for layering, 3. Neutral pant, 4. White pant, 5. Navy blazer, 6. Trench coat, 7. White & blue shirt, 8. Pleat skirt, 9. Cardigan 

ACCESSORIES CHECKLIST 1. Designer belt, 2. Designer sunglasses (black & tortleshell), 3. Designer tote, 4. Designer clutch, 5. Gold jewellery

SHOE CHECKLIST 1. Strappy heel, 2. Classic pump (black and neutral), 3. Boot, 4. Flat


Our Top Picks 







      Black Blazer            Black Pants           Bodysuit        Designer Belt       Designer Glasses      Sandals








       White Shirt             Trousers                  Trench             Earrings         Designer Bag         Classic Heel










    Navy Blazer         Blue Shirt       Neutral Trouser     Designer Glasses    Designer Tote     Pointed Flat








       Cardigan                  Basic                      Skirt              Necklace           Designer Bag           Boots




Be mindful of finding quality styles that you can get a lot of wear out of. Be considered with every purchase to avoid unnecessary waste. 



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