Where to buy linen and how to style it this season

The experts have spoken, the summer fabric of choice to be seen in every chic and fashionable soiree is, and will always be, linen.

Since sustainable fashion has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, your best bet is linen. Not only does it look good on everyone, it fits the environmentally-friendly aesthetic.

In this article, we answer all your questions on buying, styling, and caring for linen.

For this summer, linen is a great material due to temperature regulation, moisture-wicking, heat conductivity, and heat reflectivity. It is so versatile that you can wear it over swimmers or add some heels for a night out.A lot of brands, like Carla Zampatti, launched a line of high-quality linen pieces. This White Linen Summer Holiday Shirt is sure to become a summer staple as you can wear it tucked into jeans or just wear it as is for an easy resort look.


                                            Carla Zampatti White Linen Summer Holiday Shirt

We love the versatility of this dress by Apero Label, simply add heels and a waist belt for a night out with the girls or wear with a sleek necklace and nude shoes for a casual summer look. The Sail Away Linen Midi Dress in Sage has that relaxed, but flattering, silhouette, perfect for your next summer getaway.


                                                 Apero Label Sail Away Linen Dress - Sage

Accessorizing your linen pieces is quite easy, says Blinco Jury. You can easily pair linen with classic summer-y accessories, such as a great sandal. Gold jewellery also looks chic and compliments the texture.

To avoid your linen pieces getting wrinkled, you would do well to remember to hang them rather than folding and a steamer could also come in handy to soften creases.

But it's not always bad to have a wrinkled linen. Learn to embrace it as one of the appeals of owning and wearing linen.


                                                         St. Agni Evon Trousers - Taupe

Pairing your linen with soft, light materials like cotton and silk work well as the textures complement each other.

We all love linen in white and beige. Neutral colors will always look chic no matter which fabric, but linen in soft pastel and rich earthy tones look great too.

                                             Uniqlo WOMEN Premium Linen Sleeveless Shirt

Like any other fabrics that require special care for it to last you as long as possible, linen is best hand washed in cold water. A cold cycle in the washing machine would work too.

                   Seven Wonders Ada Blazer, Seven Wonders Ada Top, SNDYS I’ll Drive Pant

To summarize, linen is the perfect choice this season because it's so versatile and easy to wear that it can be worn to any of your summer events.

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