Trendy and Comfty ETL - Active

Have you been looking for a sports wear that is comfortable but is not boring?
Eliya the Label has embraced the challenge of bringing you comfortable and chic sportswear. Eliya the Label continues to innovate to serve its Eliya Girls according to their needs.
Eliya the Label brings you ETL - Active. This line will provide every Eliya Girl, Off-Duty Clothes and Sporty Chic Athleisure Wear.
This line is made to give you comfortable clothing made for the active eliya girl in you. So whether you are out and running an errand, or hitting the gym, or attending that yoga class, ETL - Active makes sure that you don't only feel comfortable in their Athleisure wear but also stylish at the same time. 
From Sports Bra, Lounge Sweatshirts, Ribbed tops, Windbreakers , Leggings, to Cycling Short, ETL - Active makes sure that you look fashionable and head turning every time. 
What are you waiting for? Check out our Pre Sale and order yours now! 
Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Stylish

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