The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe | 14 GARMENTS | 50 OUTFITS

Save your money and spend it on quality classics that will last for years as opposed to multiple fast-fashion pieces that will disintegrate after a few washes. According to a study published in Advances in Consumer Research, shoppers experience buyer’s remorse because of “a suspicion they spent too much time or effort buying something that later doesn’t seem worth the time or effort.” Shoppers don’t usually regret splurges. What they regret is passing up a special, unique, high-quality item in favor of a more “sensible,” cheaper choice. They end up resenting/regretting that second-banana selection because they feel like they’ve settled, which leads to wearing it less or not at all. 

Here is your classic wardrobe capsule that will see you through the cold and warm weather:

1. Basics starting with white: Basics being the ‘must own’ piece for layering, and yet, so many women don’t have them in their wardrobes. Start with white, but you should have a collection of black and neutrals also.  T-shirts, camis, singlets, bandeaus etc. 

                                  Elliatt                                 Bayse                              SNDYS


2. Striped t-shirt or shirt. A stripe is so classic, suits everyone and really can lift your outfit. We love a basic t-shirt stripe and an oversized striped shirt. You can even wear mens shirts, we love mixing it up with the slouchy fit of a mens shirt.

                                    Apero                         Carla Zampatti                           JAGGAD


    3. Oversized blue or white shirt. These shirts are so versatile as can be worn un buttoned with a cami underneath, buttoned up worn out or tucked in. Wear over denim, leather pants etc.


                             PASDUCHAS                              Acler                                        AJE


      4. Black casual pant. These are different to a tailored work pant, mainly because of the fabric. They could be a cotton, linen or even leather. Also the fit is more relaxed or tight, which wouldn’t be suitable for the office. 


                                   THIRD FORM                        CASA AMUK                           JAC + JACK

        5. Neutral casual pant. Similar to the black pant, these pants are also in a more casual fabric. And the fit is more about ease and comfort, such as an elastic waist, longer crutch or wider leg. 

                                    CASA AMUK                        OXFORD                                 Lioness

          6. Blue jean. An essential, try to find your perfect fit and go for classic washes. No rips or holes is best for your wardrobe as a starting point.  

                                             Lioness                               Levi's                                 Levi's

          7. White Jean. A very fresh addition, and could also be a white trouser if you don’t like white jeans. 


                                        Apero the Label                        SNDYS                                 C/MEO

            8. Slouchy knit. Perfect for trans-seasonal weather for layering. We love a neutral and black but you can also buy muted colours.

                                       Staple the Label                        CASA AMUK                         Staple the Label

              9. Long cardigan. Again, like the slouchy knit, a cardigan is great for layering. Also perfect for travelling.

                                               SNDYS                        Staple the Label                           MAJE

                10. Casual jacket / blazer. This jacket is different to a tailored suit jacket, as it is a more relaxed fit and also in a casual fabric. Could be a blazer, anorak style, denim jacket or even a leather biker jacket. 

                                                  ELLIATT                       SEVEN WONDERS                    Calvin Klein

                  11. Neutral coat or trench. Perfect piece to wear over denim, trousers or even your active wear - for trans-seasonal dressing and ideal for travel. 

                                                   THIRD FORM                       Lioness                                 SABA

                    12. Black dress. Ideally this black dress doubles as a skirt - as you can style shirting and t-shirts over the top. Also can be worn for different dress codes with a change of shoe - sneaker to heel. 

                                                   Bec & Bridge                           Bayse                          Bianca Spender

                      13. Printed dress. Prints can be difficult, mainly because you are restricted with wearability as prints are very noticeable. However you can buy prints that are wearable like animal print, hippy style prints, dark florals, and neutral designs. Wear with sneakers, heels or boots. 

                                             Misha Collection                             SNDYS                                Whistles

                        14. Tights or track pants. Comfort is important on your ‘day-off’ and now more than ever active wear and track pants are OK to be worn not just for exercise. Bright coloured, large logos or crazy prints are very unflattering and unforgiving. Stick to navy or black or block colours.

                                                       CASA AMUK                 Madison the Label                   JAGGAD

                          In with the new, out with the old: Anytime you buy something new, something old has to be gotten rid of. Donate or sell any redundant items that are similar to what you’ve just purchased. Sites like Poshmark, thredUP, Depop, and The RealReal can help you convert your discarded duds into cash.

                          Demand versatility from your clothes: Try to limit your new purchases to workhorse items you can wear all year round, regardless of the season and for multiple occasions. For example: A black pleated maxi skirt that looks chic with a t-shirt in spring or a turtleneck in winter. A bustier bodysuit that looks sexy with high-waist jeans and elegant under a tuxedo suit. Wide-leg pants that can be dressed up with heels for a night out or dressed down with sneakers for a coffee run.

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