Put those Track-pants back! Why you should still dress up when you're working from home.

So, we are now in lockdown, I can live in my pyjamas right? 

No way - there is no better way to ensure that you are keeping your head high than dressing well, even if it is just for a visit to your living room. 

Getting dressed sets the tone for your day. If you are looking good, you are going to be motivated to achieve something for the day. Whether that is hitting goals for your job (at home), growing your side hustle or learning a new skill. You will see how much more you get done when you are looking the part. 

What exactly should you wear? We are not saying put on your heels, and blazer. We are simply saying dress well. Let us demonstrate how a few key pieces will get you through quarantine and beyond! 

1. The Fancy Tee 

We highly recommend investing in a fancy tee. Why? Because they will get you through quarantine/winter/summer... well, you get the point. 

How to wear during quarantine: 

We recommend wearing this tucked into some comfortable jeans (we recommend these Apéro Abbey Denim Cropped Pant)

How to wear after quarantine:

After quarantine, during the colder months, pair with your jeans and a blazer for the ultimate cool girl look (shoes trending right now are combat boots or strappy heels), change pants for a more corporate look. 

Our recommendations: 

1. Apéro Striped Beaded Tee $79.95 - Our most popular tee, the stripes on this provided a dressier look to any outfit. 

2. Apéro Beaded Tee $79.95 - Perfect with anything white, or even dark track pants, if you are having a Netflix and chill type of day. 

3. SNDYs Joy Tee Body Suit $55.00 - For those who want a tee that lets the rest of their outfit do the talking, look no further. Looks great with any skirt or jacket. 

2. The Mini Dress

Mini dresses are no longer saved for the nightclubs. We especially love dresses that can be made long or short depending on your mood. 

How to wear during quarantine: 

The mini dress is so versatile, you can wear it however you like! Wear by itself on warmer days with sneakers for a casual look, or with a jumper for a cosy look (pants are overrated). 

After Quarantine: 

The old fashioned way, with heels... or you can dress it up with a blazer and combat boots for the colder weather. 

Woolier dresses can be dressed up with stockings and boots for an on-trend look. 

We recommend: 

1. Lioness String Along Mini Dress $69.95 *Bestseller*

Perfect with a blazer or jumper, or on its own. Can also be worn short or long. 

2. Lioness All Night Long Dress $99.00 

Perfect as both a dress, and jacket. 

3. Bayse Brand Gathered Tank Dress $79.95 

Another to be worn short to long. Dress is up or down. 

3. Jumpers!

A staple that will never go out of fashion. 

How to wear during quarantine: 

Wear tucked into pants or over your mini dress! 

After quarantine: 

It is all about turning your basic jumper into a crop. How? Make a knot, and 

We recommend: 

1. Staple the Label Skylar Jumper $89.95

Pair with the Staple the Label Josephine Pleated Midi with the jumper cropped for a perfect, flattering style. 

Another option is to pair with the Apéro Abbey Denim Cropped Pant

2. Staple the Label Sofia Blouson Jumper $109.95 

The warmest fluffiest jumper you will ever own. We love this paired with big fur (faux of course) jackets! 


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