Home Workouts to Try — and OOTD Ideas to Wear!

Stay productive during this lockdown by sticking to your regular routine as much as you can — complete with a workout and a killer outfit to match.

While it’s easy to skip leg day  when you’re only 10 feet away from your bed or the couch at all times, working out can do wonders for your overall health. Fortunately, calorie-burning and muscle-defining activities are all the rage in the internet as of date, which means there are countless resources for your next workout on the web.

Listed below are four workouts you may want to try at home, along with a fun outfit that will motivate you to do that morning exercise routine.


Pull out that old yoga mats (just don’t forget to sanitize and dust them beforehand!) from the backs of your closets. Yoga is a holistic mind and body practice that’s perfect for everyone regardless of fitness level — some types are solely for meditation and relaxation, while more physically demanding types focus on developing strength and flexibility. What makes yoga perfect as a one-person workout is that the student (that’s you!) can perform the asanas as memorized from whichever sequence they decide to follow. As yoga is heavily dependent on these body postures, it’s advisable for practitioners to wear tight-fitting clothing so as not to have loose fabric erratically hanging during the topsy-turvy poses (e.g. the in/famous downward dog.)

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Dance Cardio

If you’re the person everyone expects to start an impromptu dance party in the living room, then dance cardio may be the perfect at-home workout for you. Dancing like nobody’s watching can be just as effective a workout than those weightlifting exercises if you know how to target certain body parts and muscles. And the best part of taking on this exercise is that there are a ton of free dance workout videos on YouTube; literally all you need is a reliable workout outfit (watch enough dance videos and you’ll realize the long sleeves top is a dancer’s wardrobe staple) and some space to jump around and do some high kicks in your house.

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In a nutshell, Pilates is a workout that focuses on controlled movements that focus on alignment, breathing, core strength, coordination, and balance. When continuously practiced, it can build strength, flexibility, and endurance. While many types of Pilates workouts involve equipment, you can easily practice it at home—even beginners with no prior experience can do it. You may even want to get a friend in on it too, so you can help motivate each other. For the outfit you can never go wrong with your ever reliable sports bra and leggings!

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Chair Workout

Staying fit at home is all about being resourceful, so using what you already have is key. We know we said no equipment, but you probably have at least one chair at home. Use it as a handy guide for a full-body workout. You’d be surprised just how many chair workouts you’d find online that can help with weight loss, cardio, strength training, and more. Do this workout with a comfy sports bra and biker shorts!

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So what’s stopping you? If you need some motivation, just remember: the more your workout, the more you can treat yourself to your fave snacks without feeling guilty and more excuses for shopping stylish workout clothes!!!

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