In Love with the Shape of You: The Perfect Fashion Style for Your Body Type

What Body Type are You? 

Are you a triangle, square, inverted triangle, hourglass, or circle? It’s important to know your body shape when choosing the right fashion style. Some of us have fuller legs, some of us have broader shoulders, and some of us have both. There’s no secret that we’re all beautiful in our own way.

How do you dress up your body type? All women deserve to feel great about themselves, and clothing can make a big difference. Be empowered by the way you dress up. Find the style that accentuates your figure, and gives you confidence. Don’t compromise comfort with style, or comfort for style. This article will offer tips on how to dress up for various body types.

How to Dress for your Body Type 

1. Apple

A woman with an  Apple body type has broader shoulders and bust wider than her hips.
Since weight collects in her upper body (stomach and bust), you're likely to have slimmer legs. The shoulder or bust measurement, divided by the waist measurement, is greater than, or equal to,1.05cm.

Dressing up your apple shape: 

i. Opt for items that draw attention to your lower half, such as flowy or flared bottoms to accentuate legs, and balance out your shoulders. 

ii. Draw attention away from the midsection by avoiding cinched waisted items. 

We recommend:
Crazy For You Skirt from MossmanForefront Top  from Mossman, The Irreplaceable Pant from Mossman

2. Pear 

Women with a pear shape have thicker hips and thighs than their chest. Women with a pear shape are fuller below the waist, but not as curvy above it.

Dressing up for a pear body: 

i. Opt for blouses that add volume to your upper body and balance out your hips. Ruffles and sleeveless tops will emphasize your arms, bust, and shoulders. If you’d prefer to not call too much attention to your hips and thighs, avoid skinny jeans.

ii.  Accentuate your waist and downplay your hips with bottoms such as bootleg jeans. 

The Curious Crop Top from MossmanAbbey Straight Leg Jeans  from Apero the Label , Elevation Dress from Eliya the Label

3. Rectangular

A woman who has a rectangle body shape has hips, shoulders, and a waist that are almost the same width. Therefore, she doesn’t really have defining curves. However, if you have this shape, you have more freedom to play around with fashion. You are like an artist with a blank canvas.

Dressing up your rectangular body: 

i. Create the illusion of curves by wearing waist belts, dresses with side cut out details or a cut that tightens at the waist.

ii. Wear Peplum, ruffled, and bustier tops tops to create curves.

iii. Add volume in your upper or lower half to create an illusion of curves.

Prima Knit Top  from SNDYS, Cheyanne Dress  from Eliya the Label, Jezebel Crop Top from Nookie

4. Hourglass

Big boobs. Big hips. Small waist. Oh, the much-coveted hourglass figure that many consider the epitome of a sexy female body. A woman with an hourglass body type has a tiny waist with hips and a bust that are almost the same width.


Dressing up your rectangular body: 

i. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves.

ii. Use belts to highlight your waist, and tight clothing to emphasize your shape.

iii. Try choosing outfits that maintain the balance between your hips and bust.

The Sense Of Mystery Dress from Mossman, Dita Mesh Gown  from Nookie, Tyra Mini Dress from Runaway the Label

Self-awareness is a great shopping buddy. When shopping, you know that if something doesn’t fit or look right, it doesn’t mean you’re not in shape and are unattractive. You don’t have to despair! You have a lifetime of shopping ahead of you, and you just have to know how to shop! I hope now that you know how to shop, you can buy what you want! 

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