6 Habits of Girls with Great Style

What do women with amazingly great style have in common? These six style habits!

1. They pre-plan their outfits

Not all of us possess talent for putting together on point outfits in an instant. In reality, most women would take at least 15–20 minutes throwing an outfit together. So do pre-plan your outfits the night before. Planning ahead also guarantees a more put together look as you’ll have more time to pay close attention to other details of your outfit — something you’ll most likely skip when pressed for time and rushing to head out the door.

2. They accessorize

To make sure their ensembles are anything but boring, stylish girls add in an accessory or two.

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3. They select the right undergarments

This is probably one of the most overlooked habits on this list. Visible panty lines, exposed bra straps and ill-fitting underwear can ruin a completely perfect ensemble by creating unsightly lumps and bumps. So do make sure you’re wearing the right underwear for the outfit you have on.

4. They dress appropriately

So you can’t exactly control the weather — you can however control how you dress. You might have the most stylish ensemble on, but if it’s not right for the temp, you’ll just look out of place. Think wearing thick and heavy fabric on a hot and humid day). Do make it a habit to check the weather and plan your outfits around it.

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5. They focus on quality over quantity

Stylish girls invest in high-quality items. Sure they may be a lot more expensive than cheaper counterparts and sometimes it’s almost too easy to get caught up in purchasing cheap, but more often than not, these cheaply made items are low in quality and only good for a few uses.

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6.  They Keep Themselves Updated

To keep their style relevant, stylish girls know the importance of being updated on the latest trends. As they say, knowing is half the battle. Trends can serve as fresh inspiration, so to stay ahead of the style game, you need to keep your eyes peeled for new and upcoming trends. Whether it be through magazines, books, blogs or social media, inspiration can be gathered anywhere and everywhere.

Have other style habits to add to this list? Do share them in the Comments section below!

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